Everything about Hotmail email account

A Hotmail or windows live is an alternative to access free email service from window live. It provides to send and receive emails for free from anywhere in the world with access to the internet. And it also offers refreshed anti-spam and hacks protection software for their users. You can use your Hotmail account to connect with other services of Hotmail or windows live such as windows live ID, Skype, Xbox live as well as many other services of Microsoft. In February 2013 Hotmail was updated to new outlook email services that provide many new or advanced features. If you have any problem related to Hotmail account always contact on Hotmail customer support number for any suggestion and query.

How to create a Hotmail or outlook account:

  • You can create your Hotmail or outlook account by going on the official website of outlook or windows live.
  • You need to fill out personal information before such as username, date of birth as well as location.
  • You need to provide an alternate email address or phone number for confirmation of your new account.
  • After that, you need to create a strong password to protect your email account and personal information.
  • I recommend you to create a strong password using lower case upper case letters, numbers and also special characters.
  • After completing these steps login your account with your username and password.


How to protect your Hotmail from being hacked:

In this digital era hacking major security problem. Some hackers or peoples are always trying to hack your account for a specific purpose so you need to make secure your Hotmail account. Here are some tips to secure your Hotmail account.

  • Always use a strong password which is difficult to guess and with using a lot of variations to make it secure as much as possible.
  • Always users need to connect their Hotmail account with HTTPS, ensure you are on the secure server connection. And ensure you and server will not be intercepted by hackers.
  • Check your password reset information in your Hotmail account is always updated. If you forget your password then reset them using password recovery information. Always use official website for resetting your password or for login.
  •  Always use HTTPS instead of simple HTTP in a public or untrusted computer.
  • For more security enable two-step verification for your Hotmail account using a phone number and through Hotmail services and a third party App.

Conclusion: Hotmail provide secure and reliable Hotmail email service and if you have problem-related to Hotmail account always contact customer support through an official Hotmail customer service phone number or you can also contact through Hotmail customer service chat.


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