11 Success Tips From Small Business Leaders

Are you starting a business for the first time and worrying about a mistake? Give your new business the best chance of success with this business consultancy, the best advice I’ve got from other entrepreneurs and my own experience of more than 20 years as a small business.

And of all the tips for success, what is my favorite? Well, it’s from Clate Mask, the CEO of Infusionsoft, who sat down and talked openly about the brutally difficult days that co-founded the company more than a decade ago. Infusionsoft, which received $ 54 million in venture capital from Goldman Sachs, began its journey for years before receiving this large investment in growth capital.

Maske says that in the early years every day was a struggle for survival. And while cash flow and business experience are important, the true secret, he says, “starts in your mind with your attitude of success, attitude and positive thinking.” This helps you to overcome the fight.

Tip 1: In social networks, I know where your customers are

“Know where your customers come online need not be anywhere, where your customers are … and contact them there …” – Laurie McCabe, Partner SMB Group, SMB-GR

Tip 2: Never stop networking. Do not give up

“Never stop networking, never stop pushing, is easy to give up when everyone around you … they say, ‘cannot do’ you have to keep pushing for positive people then ..” – (Starts at 1: 08) Tom Force, Owner, ICE Keytags

Tip 3: Twitter offers powerful market research

“Twitter is the best thing that ever happened to small businesses, can listen to your competitors or customers, and do not even know you hear ..” – (starts at 2.01) Melinda Emerson, author of Succeed as an own boss

Tip 4: It’s about mentality and positive thinking

“Our first three years were brutally difficult … every day for survival. Then I remembered a lesson, my dad. Your mind is everything, but it’s not what you know, but how do we stand. That’s their way of thinking and your positive thinking. “- (Starts at 2:43 pm) Clate Mask, Founder and CEO, Infusionsoft

Tip 5: A handwritten letter of thanks will surprise the customers

“An easy way to surprise customers are the thank you cards: a handwritten note, a thank you card with the words” Thank you for buying. ” – (Begins at 8:09 am) Ramon Ray, Technology Evangelist, SmallBizTechnology

Tip 6: Wearable Tech keeps you in shape

“The technological trend of wearables keeps people fit, keeps them active and keeps them fit for their fitness goals.” (Starts at 7:10) Tishin Donkersley, Editor-in-Chief, AZTechBeat

Tip 7: Share information on Facebook that is good for your customers

“A presence on Facebook as a real estate professional is crucial Buyers and sellers are there Make sure to share information that is great for the consumer, not just for real estate people …” – (starts at 9: 09) Bill Harney, CEO, keep up to date

Tip 8: Get public relations, offer yourself as a thought leader

“If there is a small local business, watching the local media for public relations, reading these publications, forging relationships, discovering the types of stories covering journalists and offering a leader’s opinion on a topic ..” – (starts at 9: 49 ) Laura Collins, PR on infusion

Tip 9: Implement processes in your organization to request references

“Implement processes in your organization that request references, and make sure the customer experience is above expectations.” (Starts at 11:21 am) Jonathan Graves, President of Graves Organization, Inc.

Tip 10: Your sales channel should qualify potential customers every step of the way

“They need to set up a process to convert as many potential customers as possible, put them in a sales portfolio … and add control points to determine who is qualified compared to those who are not qualified.” (Starts at 11:52) Justin Roberts, Infusionsoft Expert, Infusionsoft

Tip 11: Entrepreneurship is lonely. Get in touch with mentors and partners

“Entrepreneurship is one of the loneliest occupations in the world, entrepreneurs who really succeed in reaching groups of networks and associations of peers, or just one person, they need that partner of thought”. (Starts at 1:00 pm) Jeff Mask, Vice President, Infusionsoft

You do not know what you do not know.

Humility is a strong leadership attribute for new business owners, seasoned CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between. More often than not, you’ll regret thinking you knew all the answers.

Behind every failed company are dysfunctional, delusional or incompetent executives. The irony is, none of them had the slightest idea that it was true at the time. Even sadder, most of them still are not. Do not finish like one of them.

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Arif Zubayer is the Industry Marketing Manager at RegentSEO. He’s an expert in inbound marketing, content marketing, and lead generation. Arif Zubayer is a product manager at BookBub, working on Recommendations and related products.

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