What to see in Bangkok in 3 days

Bangkok is a very large, chaotic city, plagued by thousands of people and movement that can undoubtedly overwhelm anyone. The simple fact of treading for the first time the city, makes many feel that surprise to be in a city of considerable dimensions and options of all kinds.

The capital of Thailand offers a huge repertoire of activities for all travelers, and for all tastes. From the cultural and historical part of a classical Buddhist city, to the modern part with one of the biggest business centers of Southeast Asia.

Being such a big city, Bangkok is a city where there is a lot to do and travel. And although you could easily spend a whole week going through all its corners, today I bring you a short itinerary of what to see in Bangkok in 3 days, so you can make the most of your visit.

What to see in Bangkok in 3 days

  • Day 1 – Grand Palace and Temples
  • Day 2 – Floating Markets and Giant Buddha
  • Day 3 – Chatuchak and MBK Center


What to see in Bangkok – Day 1 – Grand Palace and Temples

Dedicate your first day to the classic visit to the temples of the city. We will visit the most famous ones, since in Bangkok there are approximately 400 Buddhist temples in operation, and it would be practically impossible to visit them all.

The Grand Palace

It starts very early, with the Grand Palace, which is possibly the most visited attraction in all of Bangkok for having been the official residence of the king until the middle of the 20th century. It is an area of ​​more than 26 hectares, full of pagodas, temples, and impressive structures, so take your time to devote at least 3 hours to the visit.

I recommend that you arrive as early as possible (they open at 08:30 a.m.) so you have a few minutes to go around the place without thousands of people around you. Do not forget to visit its main attraction: The famous Emerald Buddha, the most revered in all of Thailand.

Wat Pho

After finishing your visit, head over to visit another of the most visited temples in the capital: Wat Pho. In this place, you will find the largest Reclining Buddha in the whole country, all covered with gold leaf. Without a doubt, impressive. Do not miss walking the rest of the place, there are many more temples, and even a massage school.

National Museum of Bangkok

Nearby, next to the Grand Palace, you will find the National Museum of Bangkok. It is a place worth visiting so that you can better understand the history of the city, you can find temporary and permanent exhibitions with many pieces of Buddhist culture.

Wat Arun

At dusk, take a walk along the Chao Phraya River, and observe the Wat Arun (or Temple of Dawn). It is one of the most impressive temples to observe, and one of the most famous postcards in all of Bangkok.

End the day, heading to the Chinatown area. Here you can find a classic Chinese neighborhood, full of a lot of movement. Do not forget to dine there one of the many delicious Thai dishes


What to see in Bangkok – Day 2 – Floating Markets and the Giant Buddha

Floating Markets

Of all the things to see in Bangkok, start your second day visiting one of the main attractions of all of Thailand: Its traditional floating markets. It is a place where locals go to buy their basic items to cook, so, in addition to melting into the daily life of people, you can taste very rich and cheap dishes.

I can recommend you visit the Klong Lat Mayom, which is approximately 30 minutes from the capital. You can easily take a taxi to take you and return you. Go to the river area and get on a raft to take you around the place, do not forget to eat everything (you will find very cheap seafood, fruits, vegetables, prepared dishes, etc.)

Kao San Road and Wat Intharawihan

When you return to Bangkok, take a tour of the famous street of Kao San Road. It is an entire avenue, full of restaurants, bars and shops of all kinds, and which is very busy by backpackers. You can buy some souvenirs there.

Then, head over to visit the Wat Intharawihan, the 32-meter-tall giant golden Buddha. It is a temple not so touristy in the city, so you can see more local people (including many monks).

Wat Saket

End the day, watching the sunset from Wat Saket, or better known as Golden Mountain. It is a temple that is located on the top of a hill, you will have to climb its 318 steps to get an incredible view of the entire city


What to see in Bangkok – Day 3 – Chatuchak and MBK Center


On your last day in Bangkok, start by going to one of the largest markets in the country: Chatuchak. Open Saturdays and Sundays, and in it you can find almost everything you can imagine.

From the classic souvenirs to bring all your friends, kitchenware, shoes, jewelry, backpacks, electronics and even animals.

The market is huge, so I recommend that you go from the first hour of the morning, and dedicate several hours to travel it. Bring your backpack or purse in front, cash and comfortable clothes.

Financial Zone

Afterwards, you can go to visit one of the most contrasted areas in the city: The so-called financial zone. In it, you will be able to run into hundreds of huge buildings, which will surely surprise you with their architecture and size.

To get there, take the SkyTrain of the city (a subway that runs through Bangkok above). You can start by visiting the many shopping centers in the area, such as CentralWorld or the MBK Center, the largest shopping center in Thailand and where you can find many bargains on thousands of products.

Lumphini Park

To relax a bit from the chaos and heat, you can head to Lumphini Park, a beautiful park where locals go to exercise, walk or simply to enjoy that place with a bit of calm, within the busy life in the city.

Say goodbye to the city, going to see her at night from one of her famous rooftop bars. There are many, in recent years have become fashionable thanks to the appearance of one (Sirocco Bar) in a movie called “Hangover II.” Many will charge you a cover to access, and it is very possible that you need to go with semi-formal clothes, but it is worth visiting some and see Bangkok from a very different point of view to the conventional.

Bangkok is one of the most popular cities of Asia, there are a lot of travel agents offers cheap flights to Bangkok. If you have already visited the city, share your experience in the comments, I would love to read them.

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