The Mysteries of Morocco: Figs of Marrakesh & Sahara

Marrakech is an ancient yet enthralling vortex, which lures and fascinates its many visitors. This vivacious hub of energy is the impeccable starting point for any North African trip, but there’s more to Morocco than just this one attractive city.


Morocco is a celebration of the sanitizes and the sensory from the luxurious, richly-hued clothes to the exquisitely-detailed resources to the strikingly idealistic fragrances that welcome you as you peruse the souks. This Eau de Toilette gathering is stimulated by the attractiveness and mystery of Morocco.

Figs of Marrakesh attaches the beauty and soul of magnificent seaside see pages with top minutes of bitter and fruity Moroccan Rough Fig covered in a modern way with savory Mediterranean Sea Salt. The heart blossoms with the appealing notes of sparkling Peach Blossom, stunningly united with the serenity of beautiful Agadir Marine consensuses and Green Tea in Morocco family holidays.

The cologne surfaces with the tropical notes of Crystal Coconut Water, modern Casablanca Beach Wood and sensory Valuable Amber for an unusually zen-like sensation.

Mixed Beauty:

Each scent is exclusive and sensory in its own right, but original potentials appear when you layer them together. Apply the bravest fragrance first for the most attractive impression. Glittering Figs of Marrakesh adds a delightful woody quality when balancing with the other Mysteries of Morocco colognes.

Figs of Marrakesh (zen-like & woody)

  • Moroccan Yellowish-brown (seductive) = a self-assured serenity as Figs of Marrakesh adds a happier, woody quality to the sensuality of Moroccan Amber giving it more lift and measurement
  • Medina (warm & spicy) = seaside attraction with the seaside energy and woodiness of Fig of Marrakesh ornamental the warm and spicy notes of ancient Medina
  • Moroccan Amber + Medina = a challenging combination when balancing with Figs of Marrakesh creating a crowd of dimensions including soft, spicy, glittering, salty, woody and altogether mesmerizing and enjoying all-inclusive Morocco holidays.

The Great Atlas Series:

The High Atlas Mountains provided birth to the pink stonework that makes Marrakech promptly recognizable. The mountain pillars are an iridescent rainbow of colors infrequently caught in pictures; principally pink, they are interrupted with lilac, misty gray and veined pumice stones. Rocky bluffs of black basalt rock are bordered by stubby green trees, contribution speckled shade.

The days here twitch early, with the call to prayer resounding across the valleys, echoing into the squat houses and escorted by the harsh of donkeys. Berber men and women appear whilst it’s still cool, outfitted in long robes. Mothers undergrowth their entrances clean whilst their children look timidly from behind the entrances. As the sun rises, it circles fire to the highest instructions of the mountain triangles, making a golden crown. It’s valued waking up early for.

Mealtime commences with a sweltering cup of sweet mint tea – a crag specialty, a cross between a flatbread and a pancake, fresh, hot and dissolutely overwhelmed in jam. They’re delightful. For those without a sugary tooth, normal yogurt and oven-fresh finance are on offer in Morocco holidays 2019; either method, it’s a considerable meal distinguishing of the enormous Berber openness. It sets you up for a day nomadic amidst the tranquility of the great mountains, flouted by Mount Toubkal, the uppermost peak in whole North Africa.

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