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Generally, when a topic like this comes up, there are many opinions on it. Half of the human population strongly believes in destiny, others say about the free will and the rest of them talk about mutual contribution. If we look out to this in the terms of Islam, it goes with the last one. The opinion is said that you’re definitely free to choose but then God has the control over its outcomes. Life has given you many choices to pursue, it’s about the vision, knowledge and the sense of getting the idea of right and wrong. Your journey of Hajj and Umrah are selected by you, but then you reach there or not is the fate.

Looking at the main purpose of life, you’ll get the idea that humankind was made for the worship of Allah Almighty.

“And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” (Quran, 51:56).

This verse mentioned from the Quran is explaining it all but the question is that what is the meaning of worship? Is it limited to the prayers or the Hajj and Umrah Tours? No, it’s not, it has the deeper meaning that is beyond the understanding. We all know the tales of unconditional loves, although they are fictional but have a strong message for the whole of mankind. The message it provides is that when you love someone when there is no excuse to get away from it. Similarly, if you claim to love the God, you must love his creation too, you should follow the path that he has shown you, obey your master, explore the unknown and be the rider of your own destiny. Life is not the matter of success or failure but it is to embrace the pain, learn from your sufferings and be grateful for your accomplishments.

We often give up our goals without giving them another chance. It is the time of learning, let your struggles pay you for your success.  There are reasons for the failure, it’s not the destiny. We have studied about the famous scientists and scholars, they have the whole of their lives in serving the humanity and innovating the discoveries. This is the real purpose of life; it is where a scientist stands out of the crowd. A scholar with the vast variety of knowledge is responsible to pass it on to the generations but the use of that knowledge is up to others. So, it is about the free will but then destiny is there waiting for you at the end.

Faith helps you in keep going on your path, learning and struggling. The journey is not permanent here but there is a whole system run by the Allah Almighty. He tests you by giving the choices, it is you the human being with the power of wisdom. You have the power of courage and with the power of wisdom, you can rule yourself. There is destiny but sometimes, we are the one responsible for making it worse than ever. So, apparently, it’s not about the fate but about the bad choices. You are free to choose but destiny will play its role, destiny is all about the courage you have in you to break the barriers.

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