Submit to The Will of Allah Almighty with Patience and Dignity

Islam is not merely a religion but it is the way of life. Allah and Prophet (PBUH) have sent the best of the Deen to the human beings. Worship is not the only thing you’re supposed to do and follow but the daily routine is also an essential part of your deen individually. Your life is all the things you strive for and the will of God. There is nothing he is unaware of and as a human being, you lack to reach the level of understanding that God possesses. Therefore, life is about staying true to your Lord no matter what the circumstances are. The hardships of life can be the test or they might be the problems to make you strong for the future.
It is natural for a human being to develop some desires and wishes then to strive for them and try to accomplish your goals. Remember that results are solely dependent on the will of God. God knows what is better to make your life purposeful and meaningful. To make your life convenient and understandable, there is a guidebook in a form of Quran and various ways of life are very well explained by the life of Prophet (PBUH). You just have to follow the instructions in every matter of life. Strive for the knowledge and betterment. No doubt that everyone in this world has to face some serious hardships but that is the way one lean and grow. The lessons of life are learned with patience and dignity.
You can desire anything in this world, it can be spiritual but it can be materialistic too. Work hard to achieve your goal one should always rely on God for the results. There are different phases that almost everyone goes through at least once in a life. But this is the transformation phase that everyone has to go through. This is the time when your patience and dignity is tested.
Show some patience towards the matters of life
Patience towards the hurdles, learn to deal with the obstacles, make them the ladder of your success. Life is not easy on anyone and this the truth one should learn as soon as possible. All you have to do is to be patient and wait for your time to come. Just because someone else has achieved early success, it doesn’t ensure your success by following the same path. Life treats everyone individually and everyone is in the world with different life purpose. So, follow the instructions of Allah Almighty, show some patience and choose your path wisely not blindly.
Dignity is the vital necessity
You’re the servant of Allah and only his, there is no one who deserves your worship or affection more than him. So, be grateful and never allow anyone to suppress your dignity for their benefits. Seek help only from and don’t expect too much from the human being. Forgive them and also ask pardon for your mistakes. No one is perfect so be humble with everyone.
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