Aromatic And Medicinal Plants At Your Fingertips In A Home Garden

There are herbaceous species that should not be missing in homes. Those that improve health and those that flavor meals are great. Sow some with these tips.

Since ancient times, our ancestors have turned to plants to soothe illnesses or to give flavor and flavor to meals. Who has never needed a chamomile tea to relieve stress or has used some coriander leaves to flavor a succulent dish. These species, according to the use, are called medicinal or aromatic. The best thing is that they are easy to grow and you can have them at your fingertips in a home garden.

Aromatic and medicinal plants in the home

Having aromatic and medicinal plants at home is wonderful. You can arrange them in a small nursery or in pots, depending on the species. The investment is small for the amount of advantages they can offer. Nor will you require much time to maintain them. Go ahead and plant them!

Start by selecting a space in your yard or garden, to grow them directly. If you live in a house without land, a balcony or terrace will serve you a lot, if you use vases, boxes or best grow bags.

In the first case, you should choose a place, preferably with semi-shade or medium exposure to the sun; clean it and prepare the soil by removing the layer until about 30 cm, to create a soft soil. Add a little organic matter and water, stir and scatter evenly.

It is pertinent to divide it into small areas to distribute the plants, leaving a path to access all of them. Select a good group of species and prepare to plant them. You are free to create your design, adding elements such as stones, gravel or logs. This will give a nice appearance to your home garden.

If you choose the terrace or balcony, make sure you have full access to the sun’s rays and some ventilation. Buy the pots of good size, so you can have several plants of the same species in each one. You can also use reusable containers such as cans, but there you must place them individually.

Pour into them the substrate combined with organic material and planting. It is necessary that the containers have a good drainage. Make use of your imagination and use the materials you consider relevant so that your garden looks the best.

What plants to plant?

Among the most suitable medicinal plants for a home garden are calendula, aloe, passionflower, sage and lavender. From the aromatic, you can choose basil, rue, nettle, dill, chamomile, coriander, mint, oregano, cilantro or rosemary.

Many of the cited plants have common characteristics: they are ornamental, of small size, biennial or perennial, and provide benefits for your diet and health.

If you have doubts, it is recommended that you document about the particular characteristics of each variety in terms of pests and diseases, association between the different crops, need for irrigation and fertilizer, among other aspects to make your home garden grow, as it should. Here you can find the keys to set up a garden at home and if what you like are fruits, in this link you will find part of the information you need to plant them in your home.

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