Ways To Cleaning Hearing Aids

A hearing aid is an important device which is used to handle it with care. Ear produce ear wax which affects sound quality or damage your hearing aid.

you need to clean your hearing aid to protect your hearing device from ear wax dust or other external substance.There are various steps or method to clean hearing aid safely.

Steps to clean hearing aid:

  • Using tool:  Many tools are available in the market for audiologist or individual to clean hearing aid, for example, hearing aid cleaning brush. You can use a brush to clean gently earwax coagulated on the opening end of hearing aid.
  • Good habits:  You need to follow good habits and hygiene routines and remove hearing aid when you are taking shower and wash your face and hair because water and shop can damage your hearing aid.
  • Clean your hearing aid daily at the end of the day.
  • You need to clean batteries compartment. keep the battery compartment open to dry when you are not using your device.
  • Clean the battery compartment with a cleaning brush.
  • Store your hearing aid in clean and dry place to protect from liquid, dust, and moisture.

Clean in the ear(ITE) hearing aids

  • clean microphone ports using a soft brush.
  • You can use wax pickup hook to clean earwax or substance which is not clear with the brush.
  • wipes your entire device with a clean and dry cloth.

Clean behind the ear(BTE) hearing aids:

  • You need to examine your hearing device for debris and remove it with using a soft brush or with a dry cloth.
  • You can remove earmold from the hook to clean hearing aid.
  • You can use a blower to remove water from the tube and allow it to dry completely overnight or when you do not need to use the device.


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